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Carpet / Rug Cleaning

Carpet / Rug Cleaning

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About the service:

Over the course of time, every carpet wears out, gets stains, and even smells unpleasantly. Unfortunately, even frequent vacuuming is not enough to remove the dust, dirt, and germs stuck in the carpet's fabric. That's why we are always there for you!

At Fantasy Services we use the "Hot water extraction" method which is the most efficient way to clean most carpets. This method involves pre-vacuuming the carpet to remove dirt built on the surface, then pre-spray and pre-treat with a special cleaning agent that destroys in depth all types of bacteria, germs, dirt, and dust.

Finally, our Fantasy cleaners will perform an extraction to leave your carpet as dry as possible as well as pleasantly fragrant for a long period of time. We guarantee that the atmosphere in your living room, bedroom or office will significantly improve after our visit!

Areas we cover

Fantasy Services operates in all Greater London Postcodes including Central London. Please zoom in on the map to check if you are in the covered area.